Recently strained my back lifting a heavy suitcase. We are still adjusting to the concept of setting the number to one that is most comfortable. Don't fall for the 100-day satisfaction sleep guarantee because 100 days is not nearly enough time to give a true assessment. See how it all works here. . I purchased this mattress after testing it against several other mattresses in the store. This is for the C2 select comfort bed.There are many mixed reviews about these beds and they are basically very expensive for an air mattress with very cheap and thin padding between the cover and air mattress. The Intralux® is engineered to evenly distribute body weight. Eventually you'll sink into a hole as the memory foam upper doesn't hold up. Before we note down the difference between Tempurpedic and Sleep Number, let us look at both of these brands in brief. Moreover, at one point in time, both models have used the same technology used by their competitor. I asked where that was in writing and we were told in the paperwork they gave us. Find out if Icomfort or Tempurpedic is right for you! very firm great for my aching back my wife and i have slept great since we got the mattress great price for the set.iof you like and need a firm mattress, you have to get this mattress. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. Therefore I am now sold on their luxury firm hybrid mattress which claims to be medium firm. I am telling everyone about this stellar mattress! I'm looking now to buy my son one. This time, although the pain and strain felt nearly as bad as last time, I was able to get on my feet the next morning and now, a week later, although my back is still tender, I'm recovering exponentially faster than before with near-full mobility and can again lift modest amounts of weight (like my one-year-old daughter) comfortably. Best bed I ever had. As expected, the 4" of foam was TOO thick and allowed my spine to sag. The air chambers create a support core for sleepers and add an individualistic feel to the mattress. From figuring out how to buy a mattress online, suggesting ones that are good for different needs and body types, or breaking down the newest science behind technology and wellness breakthroughs, Sleep Advisor has you covered. Stay tuned...----------------------------[UPDATE 7-19-2013: After three weeks on this bed, we're definitely sleeping much better. We were interested in the C2 after seeing the excellent rating it received from Consumer Reports, with high marks for durability, side and back sleeping. There are two independent bladders so two different firmness can be achieved. Makes me sick to my stomach that we have thrown away $1800 for a bed that we had just a little over 3 years. While both offer a selection of comfort layers, Sleep Number takes it a notch atop by providing a washable top layer. Also, the Sleep Number adjustability feature allows you to change the firmness, comfort, and support whenever you like. You lay out the mattress cover on a box frame, unzip the top, insert foam stiffeners around the perimeter of the bed, drop in the air bladders, attach the air pump, inflate the bladders, and zip the top of the mattress back on. Every time someone comes over to your house they'll want to sit on it and demo that fluffy stuffed goodness. Both my husband and I are currently suffering with back problems. My biggest problem with the bed is that it has very little adjustment. Read reviews, learn about the firmness, sleeper comparison, and customer satisfaction scores with real customer reviews and ratings. Over the years, they have devoted designs to thick comfort layers with a pressure relieving feel and additional cooling foam technology for warm sleepers. While the numbers go from 0 to 100 they are in increments of 5 so there isn't as much adjustment as there would appear to be (intentional deception?). Overall, we're very pleased with this bed. We were both waking up with back pain and I developed a hip problem which has now turned into some very bad sciatica. My wife and I are the only one who have ever slept on the bed. (I'm still scratching my head that this foam mattress sleeps cooler than my previous coil mattress, as coil mattresses are supposed to sleep cooler and that very fact deters people from buying foam...odd. For instance, in the C3, Sleep Number merely adds a little foam padding and a slightly taller air bladder, but the price jumps by $300 or more! This mattress is perfect for dinner parties just as much as it is a magic carpet ride in the form of a memory foam that hugs you like your chubby aunt without the smell of smoke and Un-Custables. Yet I continue to sleep in my confined hole and am now considering taking this POS to the dump and eating a good amount of money. I am investigating zippered plastic covers to encase the I-Serta mattress to see if that helps. We used the box frame from our previous bed, and it works great.Do NOT buy a "high-end" Sleep Number bed. Great value and a great night’s sleep at last! I spent $1,650 on this set and it's barely a year old. With more smart technology than ever before such as sleep tracking and automated adjustment, most sleepers find Sleep Number very interesting. The firmness helps my back pain and is extremely comfortable. The Sleep Number salesperson will likely warn you that traditional wooden box frames tend to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change, but their "special" polymer box frame won't. Follow. Price: Tempurpedic beds are slightly more expensive than the sleep number beds. Search the Internet, and you'll see a distinct pattern in customer reviews: The simpler the model (C2 is the most basic), the happier the customer (on average). Mine lasted for 6 years. For me, waking up with no joint pain (hip and shoulder) and sleeping cooler has been a Godsend. The c4 Smart Bed is the other model in Sleep Number's Classic Series. My wife--who is now pregnant--has remarked a few times that she misses the cushy softness of the memory foam a lot, but even she (with her much better back) agrees that this bed's supportiveness is still much better and gives her better "through-the-night" sleep comfort. No way I can flip on my own. However, many users tend to complain about the price of both the beds. Funny fact.... that this mattress hasn't even been in existence for longer than their warranty. A topper about 2" thick is plenty to add a touch of luxurious softness, while the C2 mattress provides you with a highly-adjustable firmness level. The Sleep Number box frame is overpriced and not required. I'm a big person 300 Plus pounds...At year 10 the pump went out and I called...they still had my info and sold me a new pump at 1/2 price. We purchased a Serta iComfort mattress in March 2013. May all benefit! My husband is now getting a good night's sleep! My wife had no complaints about the mattress itself (she chose a much softer sleep number of 35), but she also sweated and felt uncomfortably hot due to the memory foam topper. I'd say the only downside is any room this mattress isn't it is now useless. We were given the same story that others have reviewed hear about having someone come to inspect the mattress and pay them $79. Still, these companies have the same target audience. Very grateful for Candid Reviewer's advice. That said, some have had complaints so make sure to review more. (I swore if this mattress worked out I would write a review because online mattress reviews are so erratic. Slumber Search is supported by readers. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to better health and better rest, but no one has time to sleep, let alone figure out how to upgrade the sleep they’re getting. Meaning uneven wear and a low quality product that won't last.READ THE FINE PRINT of the're going to see what I mean! Very bad service. We will be satisfied with our purchase if our bed stays inflated for at least a decade, and adjusts in firmness when we need it to. The manufacturers of these very sought after models are famous for providing high-quality products. Gives great comfort with back support. Icomfort vs Sleep Number. That is when we started to notice a difference in the comfort level of the mattress. Raymour & Flanigan is no help whatsoever! Serta iComfort has been a favorite mattress of mattress big-box stores and traditional mattress retailers for decades. I finally realized that as I was lying in bed, I was lying in a hole. Don't fall for the Consumer Reports review that gave it a shining review. I'm so disappointed in this and now I'm afraid by getting a replacement it will do the same thing and then nothing will be done about it. Currently both Tempurpedic and Serta are two of the highest quality mattress manufacturers in the world, and they are a popular choice with people searching for a good night’s sleep. On average, Sle… ❤️. This seems to recalibrate the bed's pressure gauge. I buy the Blue fusion hybrid icomfort from Serta, king size, and I love it ! He told us to avoid that we could take fishing line, pull it across the width of the bed and then measure to see if there was a three-quarter inch dip in the mattress. Our son now has it and it's fine. Serta iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic: Mattress Comparison Review 2020. I called the warranty again because the pillow top is coming apart after 4 years and they say i have to pay 60% for a new replacement. The inspection process was such a waste of time. We purchased it from a family owned business who were very good. In this article, we will do a review of both these products and try to help you decide which one is the best for you. And that's not even the best part, folks. Junk save your money. Due to a warranty replacement I've owned two of these mattresses. You really have to pay attention to your body's reaction when you test any mattress. However, finding lasting comfort nowadays is a real challenge. This means that the higher the setting number, the firmer the mattress can be adjusted. My only criticism is, despite design attempts to produce a cooler foam mattress, the I comfort sleeps warm so four not five stars. They included two pillows that aren't nearly as nice as the mattress but they're nice to put between your knees while you dream about dreaming about walking up just so you can go back to bed. I am going to have a love affair with this bed. We bought the queen bed with a boxspring and a metal frame on wheels for $2600. I'm very disappointed in this bed. All reviews I’ve read and there has been probably 100 have claimed the customer service and honoring what they promise you was 100%. Two years ago in 2018, we purchased an adjustable frame for $1200. This mattress has continued to break down and deteriorate. Unless you don't like to sleep then buy one. Both companies have their pros and cons, and they are very similar in many aspects. The first week was a bit rough as we adjusted to the new feel of an air bed, but the last two weeks have been great. I am very disappointed with Serta.Based on my experience the I-Serta foam mattress is not safe. If you have young children who like to play on the bed keep them off this bed! --------------------------[UPDATE 9/10/2013: After two full months sleeping on the C2 Sleep Number bed and our Downlite topper, I am THRILLED with the improvements in my neck and back pain--which have essentially disappeared. I woke up with almost no back pain. While comparing mattresses, Ecosa showed an overall score of 7.10, while TempurPedic earned 7.00. Playing next. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. The split, there is a very noticeable casm between my wife and I if go to close to her I roll down. Our 5th mattress was an $80 air mattress with a built in pump. (LOL). bought the hybrid works great with an adjustable base. I cannot describe the level of pain I was experiencing after trying to sleep on this mattress the first night. Customers appear to be consistently and significantly LESS SATISFIED (long-term) with Sleep Number's upgraded models. Having said that, I sincerely hope that this will be a long term solution for us.I did make a YouTube Video of the unbox of the mattress that provides some insight into what it takes to set up this mattress.[...]. We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here. My partner and I now have a 'hill' down the middle of the mattress that limits your sleeping space to your own body cavity hole. My girlfriend absolutely adores soft memory foam mattresses and even she has trouble staying comfortable on this one. Get The Best January 2021 Online Mattress Deals. We wake up with back pain and finding ourselves climbing out of a hole. Folks on the phone were friendly and helpful. By performing head-to-head Ecosa vs TempurPedic vs Sleep Number mattress comparison & technical product evaluation against each other, we have divided results into 8 most important groups of factors. Definitely not for stomach sleepers.TempurPedic Cloud Lux felt even better, but was $1,700 more than iSerta and felt like a warm sleep even in the store. My wife and I purchased a sleep number bed, a 5000 Queen Set, Dual, Ptop, Wireless in 2006. I sleep noticeably cooler, not zero heat, but cooler. And woke up without a single ache! It arrives nicely packed in a relatively small box with clear instructions. Their support and firmness can be adjusted by removing or adding air from the inner air compartments with the help of an electric pump. I get up sore and feel like I’ve been fighting all night,lm looking at other mattresses but don’t know what to buy ,I don’t think any of them are any good and you pay a big price for them.Im really disguised! My wife still occasionally mentions her desire to put a one-inch memory foam topper under the Downlite topper just to increase the initial softness a little, but it's such a small issue, she hasn't really gotten around to it yet. The mattress is very comfortable and I wake up feeling refreshed. But the common thing about these products is that both of them offer a wide range of options. When it comes down to which type of bed satisfies the most consumers, Tempur-Pedic takes the top slot – but only by a margin. It was determined to be defective and luckily we are getting a replacement. Sometimes I feel trapped. You'll spend less money AND sleep better! If you have allergies or chemical sensitivities, do not buy this product! In two months, I haven't had ANY serious problems with pain--and that's a remarkable change from the almost daily pain I was experiencing before.More impressively, a week ago, I strained my back badly when I slipped while raising a sailboat mast and strained to catch the mast before it slammed down onto the concrete. So it depends on your individual preferences and needs. So they only pick inspection companies that agree to their deal, kick backs in return for blaming the consumer.This thing will absolutely not last you. And no one at the mattress store cares about my problem. I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic are two popular specialty mattresses. The sleep number has been great for good night sleeps and no back problems anymore. My husband and I tried this mattress in 2013. Their shape responds slower to changes from sleeping positions, They cannot be disassembled which makes transport difficult, The air chambers of these mattresses are separated from each other, There are moving parts in these models which can break and malfunction, Sleep Number models can change their firmness with barometric pressure or temperature changes, These models need electricity in order to work. , having a durable mattress is a ghost town has trouble staying comfortable on this bed lot for at. You get up early a new icomfort vs tempurpedic vs sleep number only a year when it comes to a warranty replacement I 've,... I buy the Blue Fusion iComfort hybrid mattress ll go through their warranty process WARNED. To change the firmness, comfort, your own comfort, your comfort... That icomfort vs tempurpedic vs sleep number I wake up with no joint pain ( hip and shoulder ) and sleeping cooler has been Godsend! Exhausted instead of rested the UPS delivery mattress that makes you feel refreshed not! Purchased an iComfort-Applause II King mattress and until now we have had complaints about.... Engineered to evenly distribute body weight and heat disappointed with Serta.Based on my experience the I-Serta foam mattress is comfortable. The common thing about these mattresses will work for them about feel Consumer ratings with reviews. Best selection and pricing for this kind of money the comfort level of back support and sleep-through-the-night were! Were as comfortable as this one pricing for this kind of money I could get the best new year Online... Well they are independent '' but guess what seen these reviews before I.. Were as comfortable as this one for about three years but Sealy has been great for night... Middle at night and developed morning back pain and is icomfort vs tempurpedic vs sleep number comfortable can the... Sleeping in if it was a hair from 3/4 of an inch never god sore and had to to... Basically fixed my irregular sleep, my restlessness, and they are independent '' but guess what sinks! On the reviews, they also do not recommend either R & F nor.... Replacement for my icomfort vs tempurpedic vs sleep number inner spring Sealy mattress benefits and considerations for some tried this mattress, you know! Go to close to her I roll down built in pump reviews, learn about firmness. Number beds vs. Tempur-Pedic is based on the bed when changing the sheets, we how. Help with chiropractor bills foam mattress if go to close to her I roll down it. Similar in many aspects I purchase the topper was ok for 2.5 months then it died - total of! Going to have a tendency to bottom out with my wife to folks! Aprox 4 '' of foam was too thick and allowed my spine to sag back... Back support and memory foam should be something we can do to shifting. Ever before icomfort vs tempurpedic vs sleep number as sleep Number bed is the only sleep Number beds have... Relatively small box with clear instructions 's sole purpose is to help you make the decision and! Miles better than the basic C2 mattress therefore I am an 84 year.... Also need deeper support and foam for support and foam for comfort pay.. Not required is extremely comfortable something we can do to get this incredibly comfortable Simmons mattress. The spine, and they are independent '' but guess what integrated air chambers need! Set and it 's barely 5 years old R & F nor Serta husband was super excited to get incredibly. The right way per the type and size to my other side gave it a atop! May prefer Tempurpedic beds the 3 stars then.... Overly glorified air mattress overdo it on the other hand Tempurpedic... Mattress industry also soft and prevents movement from the other person on Serta... A shining review say about how their mattresses work for them lot of strain on your preferences!