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Tips for mowing to keep your lawn healthy

You may not believe it but mowing can have dramatic effect on the condition and health or your lawn.

1. Keep Your Blades Sharpened. If you are mowing with dull bladed you are not helping your lawn you are esentially killing it by tearing the blades.  Ripping the blades will stress your lawn and lead to stressed grass and eventually disease and death.  You need to sharpen your blades every eight to ten weeks to ensure they are sharp

2. Setting your mower to the proper height.  You should never cut more than 33% of the blade off when mowing your lawn and you should keep your lawn at a height of around three to four inches.  This will help prevent diseases and yellowing.   

3. Don't mow the same way each time.  Mowing your lawn in the same direction all the time will cause your grass to lay the same direction as well.  This is a problem because it will only allow the grass blades to get light on one side.  

4. Only cut grass when its dry.  The weight of the wet grass on the lawn will lead to a thin and unhealthy lawn by causing the soil to become compacted. 

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