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Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

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Core aeration gives your lawn a huge advantage over those lawn that are not aerated.


Here are your TOP 10 reasons why you should core aerate your lawn in Spring:

Core Aereation for Wilmington and Southport NC

1. The roots of your grass will be stronger

2. you will have less weeds

3. Reduces puddling and run off and this comes in handy with the storms we experience in New Hanover and Brunswick County.

4. The air exchange between your grass and the air is improved

5. The health and thickness of your turf is improved

6. Your water usage can be reduced by twenty five percent

7. Better heat and drought tolerance

8. Breaks the grass stems, clippings, and roots that are on your lawn known as thatch

9. Encourages new root development

10.  Soil compaction is reduced

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