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Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Frank Hendrickson
Wilmington Lawn Care and Landscape Design

The landscaping contractor has come and gone and the job is done. But there is more to do than just mowing.

Having a landscaping job done is only half the battle keeping the job looking like the contractor just left is the other half.  We have a few tips to help you keep your lawn and plants looking amazing.

1.  Don't Water too much.  Many people over water and this can cause weeks to grow and put your healthy plants at risk for diseases which could kill them.  You can avoid this problem by watching how much water you are applying to each plant.  A sure sign of over watering is runoff if you see that then you know you have watered too much.  Also a good rule of thumb is not to water if there is rain expected in the next twenty four hours.

2.  Don't over prune.  It is true that all plants do require some pruning it also leaves the plant in a weak and vulnerable state.  The plant is prone to pests, disease, and breaking.  This practice can also stunt the formation of buds in the future.  To avoid this problem don't remove more than thirty percent of your plant or shrubs leaves or branches at any time.

3.  Don't Use to many chemicals or pesticides.  Not every bug in your lawn or garden is a threat.  Some bugs are actually beneficial to your plants like ladybugs.  Use chemicals in your lawn and garden in small doses where the problem areas are and don't carpet bomb then entire area.

Understanding how to care for your landscaping can be a huge undertaking.  Contact Coastal Lawn and Design for any of your questions and our experienced landscapers will be glad to answer your questions and take a look at your situation to help you keep your home or business looking great.

Coastal Lawn and Design wants to help you, contact us today to schedule your free consultation in the Wilmington or Southport North Carolina area.